Protection is one of the most important aspects of financial planning, its also one of the most overlooked, lots of people happily insure their car or their sofa or household possessions but forget about the MOST important asset they have themselves.


You are the most precious asset your family have, you are the one providing the income for the family to live a comfortable life, you are the one that is providing the child care or the family care, you are the one bringing up and enriching the family with your attention.  


So WHY have YOU not insured yourself be it against death to pay off your Mortgage or provide an income for your loved ones, to make sure your spouse/partner or dependants are protected against financial hardship or against a Critical Illness which may leave you unable to work or the money will help you adapt your home if you are left in a wheelchair (OR COURSE THESE ARE ONLY EXAMPLES).


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Life has so many surprises it's best to be prepared and have a partner you can count on.

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