Life and Critical Illness

Life & Critical Illness cover gives you or your family a lump sum or regular monthly income if you die, are diagnosed with a terminal illness, are diagnosed with a critical illness from a list of specified illnesses, or are totally and permanently disabled - whichever happens first.

Life or critical illness cover will give you and your family the financial stability you need to cope with the emotional and financial burdens that illness and death can bring. And with life or critical illness cover, you also get up to £20,000 (depending on the company) free children's critical illness cover for each child.

Your Choices


You can decide what kind of cover you want, depending on your circumstances.


If you want a lump sum for you and your family, you choose between an amount that stays the same, one that goes down in line with your outstanding mortgage or one that goes up with inflation



  • A level lump sum will pay out the same fixed amount no matter when the claim's made.
  • An increasing lump sum grows by the rate you've chosen, i.e. between 2% and 5% a year, or a rate based on the change in retail price index (between 2% and 10%) to keep pace with inflation.
  • A decreasing lump sum will pay out less and less over time. People usually choose this option to cover the remaining balance on a mortgage which will be getting smaller as they pay it off.
  • A monthly income. If you want your or your family to get a monthly income rather than a lump sum, you can decide whether the amount should be fixed i.e. level, or grow with inflation.This would be like still getting a salary payment for you or your family if you were too ill to work for example.

Should you insure just yourself, or your partner too?


With single life cover, you can decide to insure yourself or your partner separately, within one policy. This would mean your Company would pay out twice if you were both diagnosed with a critical or terminal illness, became totally and permanently disabled or died, whichever happened first.


With joint life cover you can insure yourself and your partner together and the policy would pay out just once - when the first person is diagnosed with a critical or terminal illness, becomes totally and permanently disabled or dies, whichever happens first.

Life or critical illness cover gives you and your family a financial safety net if the worst happens.


Life or critical illness cover will help you, your partner, or your family cope with the financial burdens caused by the critical illness or death of a loved one.


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