Pension Freedom

April 6th 2015 has the potential to have one of the biggest effect on pensions we have seen in recent history.  You will be able to withdraw some or all of your pension pot, you will have the ability to take your Tax Free Cash of up to 25% of the fund then take the rest out taxed at your current rates.

The time for expert advice has never been greater, their will be all sorts of questions going round in your head,


  • Can I take all of my money now,
  • Do I need an Annuity,
  • Do I need Income Drawdown,
  • How will I survive in retirement,
  • Will I be able to afford to live comfortable,
  • I can do more with that money now,
  • How much tax will I pay and when will I pay it,
  • Can I take some money now and some later,
  • It will clear my debts and save me money,
  • I can pay off my mortgage and have extra spending money,
  • I can help my child pay for their university costs/wedding,
  • We can take that holiday of a lifetime we have always dreamed about


If any or all of these statements are what you're asking yourself then you need to contact us and take advice to help you make the right decision.


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